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How to Use the SoundCloud App to Listen to Free Music

Soundcloud is a social music platform that allows anyone to listen and listen to music for free. If you are familiar with other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you might consider Sound Cloud as a service, but for all kinds of music lovers.

Sign in to the Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is available for free on Android and iOS devices. If you do not have a Sound Cloud Account, you will need to create a new account so that you can use it. You can create an account for free by signing up via Facebook, Google+ or email.


Navigate in the app

Soundcloud platform shines on mobile devices. As you come inside, you will see that the application has the following main sections where you can navigate everything:

Home: This is your personal news feed, the other sound you follow, shows the tracks of the cloud users and it is tracked again. Listen to each track, repeat it, add it to a playlist, or start a track broadcast directly from your news feed.


Search: When you search for a specific user or title, the application’s search function helps you find what you hear.

Collection: This tab gives you access to all your favorite, last channels, and playlists. You can also view your profile by tapping on three points in the upper right corner.


Music Player: This tab is displayed when you start the song. When you browse other tabs of the app, it gives easy access to what you’re listening to.

Stream: On the home tab, tap the “stream” arrow at the top to control music and audio. You can also browse forms of various music genres and audio content.


Use the app for a powerful music experience

Although the application can be used, there are three main ways you might actually want to use:

Follow users who want to find new music If you click on a username, what they publish and take them to their profile to see their playlists. You can track it as you would on any other social network and in the tracks you post or shared, in your home feed.


Create custom playlist When you hear the song you want, you can tap three points to add it to any playlist. You can create the number of playlists that are private or private for your own users’ use.

Start a station to hear numerous similar tracks. If you do not have the time or patience to carefully select the tracks you want in your own playlist, you can tap only these three points with any track, app with the same title as you can with the station walk along the station. And you can always access your last stations through your profile.


Do more with SoundCloud on the web

The Sandcloud Mobile app has a clear look that is easy to use and does not impress you with many features. However, some users might think that they will be the other. When you sign in to your account at on the Web, you can do a bit more here in the Sound Cloud.


Download or Buy Tracks On the Web, in some tracks the Share app may have a “download” or “buy” link, which is not visible in the mobile app. Many titles are available for free and inexpensive.

Upload your own track. Soundcloud is social, which means that anyone can upload their own music or audio track. Currently, you can not upload music from the mobile app. Click the Upload button at the top of the page in the Sound version of Sound Cloud.


Send messages to other users. It is a little unknown that private messages are currently not supported by the Soundcloud app but are likely to change for future updates. At this moment, you can only send messages to other users on the Internet.

Join groups and join. You can join groups on the Sound Cloud, where users can enjoy their favorite songs. To reach the groups you joined, just click on your name in the web version and select “Group”.


Receive notifications from users you speak Like many other social networks, Soundcloud has an instruction center in the top menu of the web version, where you can see who performs the last action with you.

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